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Three Buns Burger and Heads Jakarta


It was a lovely afternoon when Perry the Sea Wanderer decide to roaming around Senopati to check on the new burger place that everyone keep hyping about. Coming by riding a bajaj (a not so hip public transport) and find this lovely place already crowded by people who’ll get some burger soon. Luckily Hoq and David from the Brotherhood Of Toys already there so that I don’t have to queueing in that long line.

The place is so lovely with awesome design, I don’t understand much about design style but it is beautiful as it designed with someone who actually understand how to design a place.

Ordered the Four Floors burgers while my friend Joshua got Burning Man and the naughty fries and get a bit shocked by the price, but we play it cool. After munched the Four Floors and indulging the surrounding, now the price seems reasonable. The burgers was pretty good while the surrounding enhance the whole eating experience so it is awesome.

I don’t know wether I’ll be back anytime soon, because I’m not a fan of waiting in a queue to be seated kind of hip food place. Also if I ordered the burgers for a take away, then it will be totally overpriced. Maybe after the hype lay a bit lower I might get back for more burger and indulging the awesome atmosphere.

By the way, the burger so big (150-200 gram meat) so if you’re not a big eater then you may consider to share. I saw too many half eaten burgers, and it such a waste for something priced that much (>Rp.100k or around >10usd). Even myself a bit struggling to finish that 200g four floors.

Three Buns – Burger and Heads
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 – 2930 7780
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 12 PM

ps: Not so many photos taken, as i was too busy with the food.






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