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One Fifteenth Coffee Gandaria Jakarta

“1:15 is a well-known coffee-to-water ratio that yields an ideal cup” as told from their website when I’m curious about the name.

The last time I was here was many months ago and I don’t remember people hyping much about this place. I just remember that the coffee was good and during that time I still drink coffee with added sugar. It was not a life changing experience, but maybe just because I was not yet enlightened by any coffee messiah that told me many awesome ways to enjoy coffee like I get for the past few months.

A few days ago I was introduced to Aromanis brew by Josh of Bear and Co, and that was an actual life changing coffee moment. He told me to ask for pour over if I want to enjoy some good quality black coffee. I sipped his cold Arumanis brew and that’s one of the reasons I am here right now with Lemi, Labbits, Dmaz, Lala and TB.

I ask the barista a cold pour over, and then they’re offering the cold drip’s variant. Interested with the Rojali (Rock Java Lime) I ordered this Java bean cold brew with soda and lime. The fruity character of the West Java bean blended well with lime and it’s refreshing effect get amplified by the soda. It was a blast and that made me to order¬†another one afterward.

I never know that coffee, soda and lime can be so good.

Anyway, it was another life changing coffee experience for me a newbie in this coffee world. And I’m looking forward to find more awesome experience with coffee.

ps: the sandwich was awesome.

Rojali (Rock Java Lime) the signature cold drip











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