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The White Hunter

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I come to this place in search for a comfortable place to finish some work and fill my belly with awesome food. I found this place just next to Hang Gang in Emporium Pluit and then i ask the waiter about wi-fi, he said the wi-fi are come and go. I checked on my cellphone and found the wi-fi so i decide to have my lunch at The White Hunter. The place is comfortable and pretty well designed.

Ordered a Salmon and a glass of ocha tea then I tried to finished a little job with the suddenly slow wi-fi. And then some group of businessmen sit on the table next to mine and puffing some smokes. Oh my.

I’m doing my best to finish that dishes while trying not to breath too much smokes. After finished the food I pay the bill and left.

By the way, other than the heavy smokes; the food was ok, a bit pricey but it’s fine. The service was also good actually. I just don’t like the fact they’re allowing people to smokes inside, or am i sitting in the wrong area? I don’t know. Luckily the Godzilla not so angry and eat em all.

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