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Wandering to The Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2014


They may mention comic in the event name, but not so many comics found this year. Nevertheless this event still awesome and i think they need a much bigger space to held this event as it started to get too crowded in Balai Kartini.
No matter how much i love Balai Kartini as it pretty much easy to access and started to get familiar with the venue.

Here are some photos from the first day of the annual Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair. My favourite part still the booth where Plastic Culture and the BOTs guys hang out as it’s probably the only place where i know the stuffs are new for every event. As i’m not much a toy collector outside the designer toys stuffs so i didn’t even now wether the series of Iron Man from Hot Toys was new or it was the old design.

Met some awesome friends and get myself some toys, comics and die cast before leaving.

seen this for about a million times but still awesome.
a never ending strong dedication by Erwin.
Indonesia own superhero. Gundala Putra Petir
Indra and Jimmy Yu
some of the BOT
the awesome Sunny Gho.
Rhoald signing my copy of his comic
Hoq, Andry and (i forgot his name)

004-lego-building 005-final-fantasy 007-harvey-talibao 008-tintin-snowy-astronaut 011-paw-silvia-tampi 012-lemi-paw-silvia-tampi 013-lemi-toygraphy-id-booth 014-lemi-swinger 015-goodguyneverwin 016-goodguyneverwin 017-cipta-goodguyneverwin 018-yellow-dino-vader 019-lemi-yellow-dino 020-poison-ivy-statue 021-dr-doom 022-lemi-lego 023-lego-tree-house 024-marlie- 025-kemayoran-airport-lego-diorama 026-loki-thor 027-rendy 028-lemi-bot-booth-hoq 029-tin-toys 030-nody-tin-toys 031-lemi-rocket-raccoon 032-awesome-toys 033-awesome-toys 034-indra-jimmy 035-tintoys 037-lemi-labbit 038-batman 039-fake-kaws 040-kamen-rider 042-kamen-rider 043-vintage-space-ship 044-lemi-stellar-lab

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