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Wandering to A Create Kick Off


A big project appointed me as one of their curator for their music contest, and this event is the kickoff project. It is such an honour to be in the same level of Ade Darmawan and Anton Ismael; two of my aspiration in my struggling to live up my passion and idealism.

That afternoon we end up discussing health matters, and admit that we’re not that young anymore. And even as i’m not as old as them but shared some problems in cholesterol, gastric and other degenerative problems we caught during our endless struggle to live the passion.

That night was splendid and i meet up some friends (some pictures aren’t taken due to battery exhausted, or missed) and go home in peace.

Anton Ismael
Ade Darmawan
Puti Chitara before their performance
Oom Leo
Jimmy Multhazam of the Upstairs and Morfem and Bequiet

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The Birthday Girl Lala Bohang

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