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Wandering to Jakarta Euphoria Project

A new trend in Indonesia called “curated market” are emerging for the past few years. Where basically a committee invites handful of young creative entrepreneurs to market their brand to mall’s visitors.
A good place to find stuff with well design and sometimes unique things you never know you need one until you find one with beautiful design. And that’s what i also find in Jakarta Euphoria Project earlier this evening.
After a few time visiting these ‘curated market’ i found that a lot of the tenants are Entrepreneurs Students doing their campus project with friends, so here’s a tips: if you find something cute/beautiful/nice/well designed stuffs like clothes/denim/wallet/stuffs you like and you never heard of the brand, then you better buy it right away because it might be your only chance to find them before they’ll all graduated and close the business.
By the way, i’m here to visit some friends with booth like Nadia of General Object that selling good looking multifunction basket, stool and stuffs, Poppie that showcasing her photographs, Zaky that hanging around after doing his live drawing and to meet people with unique business.
All mission accomplished and i managed to know more people from various background and it was fun to listen to each of them telling about what they’re doing for a living.
Awesome evening.
Lemi the Space Wanderer with the famous black basket.
whoever drawn this, i want to invite him/her to draw in my office.
baskets and bricks at General Object.
Gladys Angelina’s showcasing small stuffs.
Nadia and Poppie in front of one of Poppie’s work.
by Poppie Mayiesky
The awesome Zaky Arifin in front of his drawing.
Lemi found comfort in the comfortable place.
studio mili’s artworks

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