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Kuala Lumpur Trip with Airasia pt.01

At the famous Petronas Tower


This is my first time to Kuala Lumpur and thank you too Airasia and the Kuala Lumpur’s tourism board that make it happen for me to have a glance of the city. Airasia invites some bloggers and travel writers to visit the Airasia Academy (i’ll post some photos about it in another post) and i’am one of them.

Because of some delays, the itinerary for Kuala Lumpur’s night tour was cut short and we only visit the bright Petronas Tower and Laman Aiman a food center that open until late at night. They got awesome Tom Yam Soup, Sata and some nice Teh Tarik.
Laman Aiman

We’re passing some beautiful old house while going to Laman Aiman, and i’m a kind of hoping that i’ll be able to visit this part of the city again next time while the sun still up.

I stayed at Seri Pacific Hotel an old fashioned five stars hotel with beautiful scenery in the morning if your window facing the right direction. The room was ok and equipped for business travellers; a work desk, and even an ironing table and the iron to make you look good in that business suit.

And the post will be continued on the next post.
Kuala Lumpur trip.
16-17 February 2014

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