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Ranchooo & Orandaaa

I’ve been trying to develop some new characters for the past few months based on goldfish. I want them to look cute, happy, dynamic and easy to apply in many forms.

As prints or 3d

So after many attempts, I think I can say that I feel good to have Ranchooo and Orandaaa as the new characters. Based on Ranchu and Oranda varieties of goldfish.

I’m still currently developing their look from different sides and the dynamic of their movements, but I think it’s ok to release them to swim on social media as I develop them further with traits and personalities.

But you can find them as art prints and merchandise at (shipping worldwide).

I also register a new Instagram account for them and for documenting my hobbies.


Please enjoy,

Ranchu and Oranda Goldfish cartoon
Orandaaa & Ranchooo
Orandaaa and Ranchooo as merchandise design
Goldfish art print
Orandaaa & Ranchooo as framed art print