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Oranda Club Design

Oranda Goldfish got its name because the Japanese think that this goldfish variety was native to Holland when it was first imported from China.

オランダ獅子頭 Oranda Lionhead or Holland’s Lionhead.

Currently Oranda Goldfish come in many colors, with orange color as the most common, then red & white, black, calico colors and sometimes blue.

Personally, I like the all black and red cap Oranda Goldfish. But I also like tri-colored pandas. I think I like them all. 

So, here is a drawing of two of my favorite Oranda.

They might be available as merchandise… soon

All black Oranda Goldfish & Red Cap Oranda Goldfish
Black & Red Cap Orandas
Darth maul as goldfish
Darth Maul as Oranda Goldfish
Red Cap Oranda Goldfish