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Fredhelligh “Peaceful Holiday at Home”

Fredhelligh is a wordplay which roughly means “Peaceful Holiday at Home”. This beautiful and compact store is located inside Kumulo Creative Compound at The Breeze, BSD.

Founded by friends; Santi Alaysius, Veny Lai, Prita Amaludin, Irene Tanjono, & Hamphrey Tedja.

Nail Brush & Soap
Nail Brush & Kind Soap

They sell artisan home supplies likes; broom, dust pans, brushes, soaps, towels et cetera et cetera; which will make your home daily activities feel like a holiday. Because you enjoy the experience brought by good craftsmanship on every product sold at Fredhellight. 

Enna's Closet
House sculpt by Enna’s Closet

You may also reach them on social media
@fredhelligh (instagram)

Fredhelligh Home at Kumulo, BSD

Find Fredhelligh also at Ruang Dua Sembilan, Tomang (by appointment)