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Free Coloring Book: Dogs Themed

I’ve been drawing dogs for a few weeks now, and i guess it will be cool if i share the black and white line version for you (or your kids/nephew/niece) to give them any colors you guys want. 

Click on each image to download a high resolution file which you can print them to around 50 x 50 inches printed size. 

The coloring sheets are free under these conditions:
• Do not selling it.
• Do not redistribute it.
• Do not modify anything.
• Do not print these images into another media other than the free coloring book/sheets.

And yes you can follow the dogs on Instagram (their ids are on the captions).

Please do help to spread this page to your social media and follow @thewanderpaws and

Cheers and have a good time coloring these dogs.

Ps: You may also ask me to illustrate your dogs. Follow @thewanderpaws on Instagram for more information.

Coloring book
Jetsan Shiba Inu @jetsa_shiba
Coloring book
Naki the Pomsky @annunakithepomsky
Coloring book
Found from the internet
Coloring book
Puppy from the internet
Coloring book
Yuffie the Pomchi @yuffiemcfluffster
Coloring book
Akilles the Alaskan Malamute @akillesthewolf

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