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Coffee War Kemang

I came over to see my friends; Dmaz Brodjonegoro (an aspiring music video director) and Lala Bohang (a reputable illustrator). They’re currently doing a task to look for some awesome poetry or essay by students from across Indonesia for some sort of International campaign. I don’t really understand about what is that, but I think it’s something awesome.

By the way, Coffee War got some awesome coffee from Mandheling, Toraja, Java and Timor. I choose Java this time and ask for some milk to soften the coffee. I ordered a cake made of tape (fermented sinkong) and cheese and it was ok. The coffee was fine and enjoyable.

But as i’m not a fan of coffee paired with cigarette, so that i’m not really comfortable being in a cafe filled with people smoking. But if you love to smokes while sipping your coffee and have a late night conversation discussing some life matters then this place will be your haven as it open until late after midnight.

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