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Tokyo, January 2019

This was my first time to Tokyo, and I was overwhelmed by the city I only could dream of being there since I was a kid.

Growing up reading manga and watching anime, I always thinking that Tokyo would be filled with those big eyes characters like Nobita, Goku, Shinchan or Saint Seiya. Once I was there, turns out the city wasn’t about all cute characters. I’ve seen more cute characters in Singapore or Hong Kong rather than in Tokyo, and most of the characters are coming from Japanese manga or anime.

But still, Tokyo is all about experience. It feels like a spiritual journey to being able to enjoy soba, ramen, or sushi at a small stand or buying a Japanese porn magazine at a convenience store (kombini). Things I always want to do since I can read manga.

And you know, I’m affected by a small car going around the housing alley selling sweet potato. It made me feels like get inside a scene from Doraemon, Shinchan or Sunset at the 5th Street.

I only managed to experiencing just a little of Tokyo for now, and I hope that I can go back anytime soon to experience Japan a little bit more.

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