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Superbad vol.57

Superbad always been my favourite indie show, it’ve reached vol.57 and it’s the longest running show series in Indonesia for indie bands.

This evening i missed the first band; Tropical Thrust and The Porno is currently on stage when i reached the venue. They’re on their latest line up and it’s much better in my personal opinion. The last band for the night is Seaside a dreampop band that just recently released an album.

superbad-02-ameng superbad-02-sari-sartje superbad-03-the-porno superbad-04-jan-yudhis-vague superbad-05-reno-mela-rezanov superbad-06-seaside superbad-07-seaside superbad-08-xandega-udasjam superbad-10-scenery superbad-11-udasjam-sidha superbad-12-lemi superbad-13-teple-awing-dedidude superbad-20-ario-triputranto

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