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Labuan Bajo pt.06: to Komodo Island

The third morning in Kukusan Island and it’s beautiful. The kids started to get attached with us, they already hang out in front of our house waiting for us to come out and join them. But today we have another plan; we’ll go to Komodo Island and Pink Beach.

We just hang out a while with the kids before we sail away to Komodo Island to check out some Komodo at their home. We brought with us some food for breakfast and lunch so that we won’t get hungry during the trip. While of course the beautiful bottle of Sunquick also coming with us.

We sail for about three hours and the majestic sceneries are always there to remind us that the world is beautiful. We were told that some of the island already owned by private, and the locals can’t fishing near the island anymore. That is sad.

After three hours on the sea, we finally reach the Komodo Island and I must say it looks awesome. Greeted by our guide that shared some do’s and don’ts during our short trekking to see the Komodos.

We manage to see a small Komodo that coming down from a tree, and a big sized Komodo that currently wait for the right time to snatch a deer from the water pond. The guide told me that the adult Komodo got it’s poison because of the bacteria that coming with carcasses they consumed. The smaller Komodo don’t have that kind of poison because they’re not eating carcasses with the adult, they mostly consumed smaller animals and insect. The young Komodo won’t get anywhere around the bigger size Komodo because these prehistoric lizards will eat em.

The guide also told me that if we want to know more about the locals, customs and learn some basic language used by native people of Komodo, we can stay at their home with a very affordable price. And it’s definitely a plan.

After the Komodo trip, we continue to sail to Pink Beach.
to be continue, it was a very long day that i will need to break it into three parts to show the photos.

komodo-island-02-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-03-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-04-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-05-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-06-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-07-pulau-kukusan-morning komodo-island-08-lauravista-happytyas komodo-island-09-eka komodo-island-10-bli-kadek komodo-island-11-kukusan-island komodo-island-12-lemi-the-space-wanderer komodo-island-13-chaos-bunny komodo-island-14-breakfast komodo-island-15-breakfast komodo-island-16-kakikujalanjalan komodo-island-17-samsonite- komodo-island-18-sunquick komodo-island-19-pasir-panjang komodo-island-20-pre-historic-island komodo-island-21-bridge komodo-island-22-soeharto komodo-island-23-putri-naga komodo-island-24-tongkat komodo-island-25-tree komodo-island-26-tree komodo-island-27-darisman komodo-island-28-deers komodo-island-29-komodo komodo-island-30-lemi komodo-island-31-komodo komodo-island-32-komodo komodo-island-33-lemi-komodo komodo-island-34-lemi-chaos-bunny komodo-island-35-chaos-bunny komodo-island-36-bridge

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