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Joshua Mays “Egress” Exhibition at Glitch

Joshua Mays a painter, muralist and illustrator from USA just opened his first exhibition in Indonesia at Glitch Network Gallery in SCBD Jakarta. And it was an awesome exhibition with his massive artwork and murals exhibited.

He got some awesome paint strokes and the colour palette got it’s own personality.

You may want to connect with him through the instagram where he post some of his works.

joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-16 joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-15 joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-14 joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-13 joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-12

Awesome artists; Dika Toolkit and Rukmunal Hakim

Bryan Lie (Foxboss) and Jackson (Mighty Jaxx)

Joshua Mays, me, Feisal Hamka

Man of the evening; Joshua Mays

The awesome Mighty Jaxx couple.

joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-11 joshua-may-egress-glitch-jakarta-10 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-10 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-09 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-08 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-07 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-06 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-05 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-04 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-03 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-02 joshua-may-glitch-jakarta-01

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