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Ghostival by Museum of Toys

Ghostival : Exploring the Enchanting World of Indonesian Local Ghosts

Ghostival is the brainchild of the incredibly talented character designer, WD.Willy. With iconic creations like Si Engkoh and the Karafuru under his belt, WD.Willy has gained international recognition for his exceptional talent. Now, he’s taking us on a thrilling journey through Indonesian folklore, showcasing the remarkable skills of local character designers, animators, experience designers, and marketing professionals.

Ghostival showcases the imaginative prowess of these Indonesian creatives. Their attention to detail and ability to craft captivating narratives is on full display. As you explore the various rooms, you’ll be transported into a world where ghosts roam and stories come alive.

On each room we will be introduced to each character of Ghost like Unyul, Uwwo, and many more characters inspired by Tuyul, Gendoruwo, Kuntilanak etc.

Ghostival is not just about entertainment; it’s a testament to the incredible potential of the Indonesian creative industry. With the right support and recognition, the possibilities are boundless. One can’t help but imagine these talented individuals evolving into the creators of their very own amusement park, offering even more mind-blowing experiences in the future.

It’s a must-see for anyone intrigued by Indonesian folklore and seeking a unique, immersive experience. Get ready to explore the Museum of Toys and delve into the enchanting world of Indonesian local ghosts. Ghostival awaits!

Ghostival at Senayan City, 15 June – 30 July 2023