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Christmas Drawing

So it’s Christmas time again, another long holiday and time spent to recollecting the story of Jesus. While it’s a long holiday, it means I got plenty of time to do something. Here are some of the results:

A mashup between BB8 from Starwars eps.07 the Force Awakens and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Just for fun to cheer up Christmas and the return of the Starwars saga to the big screen.

Who doesn’t inspired by Rey after watching the Force Awakens? there might be some, but i’m not one of them. I love this character, and here’s a mashup of Rey and Santa.

This one is just for fun, B2 is a code for “Pig” at Batak’s restaurants in Indonesia.

This is Laka Lapin wearing Rey’s outfit.

Another random idea came out, a mashup of Peanuts characters and Starwars. This one is Linus Dameron. (Linus x Poe Dameron)

and this one is Frankfinn (Franklin x Finn)

may you also enjoyed your holiday.

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