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It was a fine beautiful morning in Kuala Lumpur on the day we will visit Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence to learn and find out how the aviation crew learning. AACE Sepang training centre is located in a southern part of the state of Selangor in Malaysia. It is located about 20km away from the main terminal of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and only 5km away from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).


AACE Sepang is a training centre which specializes in training for pilots, flight attendants, guest service agents, ramp agents and flight engineers. The centre is home to 6 Full Flight Simulators for the aircraft types A320 and A330. There are also MFTD, FMGS trainers and CBT terminals. AACE also houses the evacuation slide.


When we’re arrived and excited to see how the flight simulators look from the inside, there are also six pilot students inside so that we have to postponed our excitement until next opportunity someday.

airasia-academy-pilot-simulator-airbus-a320 lemi-the-space-wanderer-airasia-academy

But we’re lucky enough to witness flight attendants trainee from Thailand on life boat training, they have to master it so in emergency situation things won’t get worse just because they don’t understand how the boat worked and how to give command to the panic people to install the tent. It’s a hard training i suppose, judging from the tone used by the instructor.




flight-attendant-airasia-swim airasia-academy-sample-door

And above is a super pricey airplane door simulator, installed with all incidents/accidents thinkable at the moment and it’s to train the flight attendant to react and give order to every possible things that probably happen. God forbid, hopefully no incidents nor accidents happen.

airasia-academy-survival-training airasia-academy-class

And this is me on a safety class, where the instructor is from Indonesia and he present us with several slide about how the safety in Airasia conducted. I was impressed about how the safety conducted and how Airasia make sure their passengers are save and comfortable on their services. Awesome.

I must say this tour have impressed me as i love to fly very much and Airasia is currently on top of my mind when i’m thinking about travelling with airplanes. Hoping to visit the area again someday to check the simulators cockpit.

formula-1-tune-airasia- 2014-02-17 14.35.48

2 thoughts on “AACE VISIT

  1. Hi, I’m Amy, is a kindergarten teacher. We are having an airplane project learning and planning to bring our children to visit the mock cabin where the cabin crew had their practice.

    It’s so exciting seeing your post here. May I know how did you get to pay a visit to AACE?

    Hope to hear from you again!

    1. Hi Amy.

      I’m not paying for this.
      But the public relation officers organise a tour for us.

      You may try to contact Airasia directly from their website.


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