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Ranchu Calico Goldfish Illustration

Ranchu, Oranda, & Blackmoor Goldfish Illustration

Goldfish are fascinating and fun to keep, not to say that it will be the easiest fish to keep, but they are fun and look like they have their own personalities. So that is why they are fun to interact with and make bonds with the owner.

I don’t have many goldfish yet, but I started to love to draw goldfishes; here are some of them. You may find them as prints, t-shirts and other merchandise at my Society6 shop.


Ranchu Calico Goldfish Illustration
Calico Ranchu Goldfish
Oranda Redcap Goldfish Illustration
Blackmoor Goldfish
Blackmoor Goldfish
Oranda Goldfish Cosmonaut
An Oranda Cosmonaut
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