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Hashtag Now Playing an art exhibition by R.Hakim and Ykha Amelz at Waga Gallery Kemang

So last night i went to my friends’ exhibition opening at Waga Gallery in Kemang Raya 9D, Jakarta Selatan. (just in front of the famous KFC). The exhibition sponsored by a beer brand so that most of the people coming hold a beer bottle in their hand. Basically the exhibition were about their passion in […]

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2013Wandering Around

Lemi the Space Wanderer to Tanjung Puting Kalimantan Barat.

It was a great adventure to visit the forests where orangutans live. We have fun to cruise the Sekoyer river and watched wild animals living in the river, we saw a lot of groups of proboscis monkeys and birds that we have never seen before. fun time it was.   2013

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Wandering Around

London Trip 2012

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