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Dog Drawing : Desert Wolf Denali

Denali is a German Shepperd dog from Nevada, and he’s a future sport dog.

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Golden Eye Perry the Sea Wanderer

Perry The Sea Wanderer returned as Golden Eye Perry, as the fourth colour way from the series. During the production, sometime i called him Oblivious Black edition, but as it sounds pretty gloom, I named this as Golden Eye Perry instead. Only 6 pieces available. 6 inches resin figure Character designed by Eric Wirjanata (The […]

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I started a campaign called Art For Trip, a campaign to help me funding my trip to the remote part of Indonesia. You can read more about it at the Indiegogo page. The avatars series that i’m currently building are designed using a very simple but bold line. They all coming from the same template […]

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Laka Lapin

Laka is not just any other Lapin, she’s an explorer. Laka is the first lapin who reach the farthest side of the universe and experienced how the infinite space growing.

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Lemi the Space Wanderer

Lemi the Space Wanderer is my main character, and been around for some years now. The inspiration was during my boring working hour in the office, and i glance to the afternoon sky from the office’s windows. I tell myself that it’s much better to be outside and appreciate the day rather than to be […]

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer

“Menulis adalah bekerja untuk keabadian” dan “Kehidupan itu lebih nyata daripada pendapat siapapun mengenai kenyataan” adalah quotes dari Pramoedya Ananta Toer yang betul-betul mengena pada diri saya. Saya masih terus belajar menulis, dan mencintai kehidupan yang nyata. Itu mengapa kedua quotes itu terus menginspirasi saya untuk lebih rajin menulis dan lebih hidup untuk hidup. Walau […]

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