Drinking Carlo

What a hot summer day? I guess a sip of orange juice would make the heat a bit more bearable.

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Donald Duck as a Stormtrooper

People keep saying that the Stormtrooper helmet in the thied trilogy looks like Donald Duck, So here we go.

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Jana Yar and the Kids

I met Jana during a toy con in Singapore back in 2008. I always remember her cool tattoos and the kindness to drop by my booth and gave supports. Thank you to Facebook, we’re still friend after 10 years.

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featuredFeatured-WorkThe Wander Paws

Dog Drawing : Desert Wolf Denali

Denali is a German Shepperd dog from Nevada, and he’s a future sport dog.

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Danilla’s Cat Portrait; Meh

This is Meh.  A commission by Danilla, my favorit Indonesian singer-song writer.

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Pulled Pork Burger

An illustration for One Fine Day Cafe, where you can find one of the best pulled pork burger in town.

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2018dog drawingIllustrationPortfolioThe Wander Paws

Free Coloring Book: Dogs Themed

I’ve been drawing dogs for a few weeks now, and i guess it will be cool if i share the black and white line version for you (or your kids/nephew/niece) to give them any colors you guys want.  Click on each image to download a high resolution file which you can print them to around […]

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Because I’m excited about the upcoming Venom the movie. Can’t wait to see Tom Hardy’s acting as one of my most favorite villains from Marvel Comics.

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2018IllustrationmerchandisePortfolioThe Wander Paws

The Wander Paws

At the end of January 2018, just before i boarded to the plane to Amsterdam, i decided to start a project and named it “The Wander Paws”. It’s a dog illustration project. Where i try to find any nice dogs to draw and post it on the Instagram and other social media. Then after a […]

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2017dog drawingIllustrationPortfolioThe Wander Paws


I’ve spent many hours drawing dogs this month. These are some of the results, a small tribute to the man’s best friend. Some of the design are for sale at Arterous (Indonesia) and Society6 (rest of the world).     buy.    

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The Revenant Fan Art

Saya sangat suka film The Revenant, terutama karena gambar pemandangan lanskap yang ditangkap dengan begitu jernih di film ini. Tentu juga acting dari Leonardo Dicaprio memainkan peranan penting di film ini, maka saya mencoba menggambar wajah Hugh Glass yang diperankan Leonardo Dicaprio. Prosesnya rada berbeda dari biasa, karena kali ini saya mengambi referensi dari foto […]

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Happy Easter

Easter bells are ringing, God’s own children are singing, the happiness that Easter brings, Just like how winter comes after spring. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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